“Ethics Pays!” (or at least: “Lack of Ethics Costs!”) Part II

Apparently there are limits to the public’s appetite for sleaze.

From today’s NY Times: Editor Fired After Uproar Over Simpson

Judith Regan, the firebrand editor who stirred up decade-old passions last month with her plan for a book and television interview with O. J. Simpson, was fired on Friday by HarperCollins, the publishing company that oversaw her book business.
HarperCollins announced the firing, “effective immediately,” in a two-sentence news release…

Of course, this only happened after HarperCollins, & their parent company (Rupert Murdoch’s) News Corporation, got tired of all the public criticism. It’s not exactly like the companies had their finger on the moral pulse of the nation.

So, the positive ethics-spin: “Look! HarperCollins & News Corporation are responsive to public values!”
The negative ethics-spin: “HarperCollins & News Corporation love ya when it looks like you’ll make them money, and hates you when it looks like a project is going to hurt the company’s image.”

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