Revenge On the Nerds

From Wired News, yesterday: E3 Expo Bans ‘Booth Babes’

The video game industry’s 2006 E3 Expo trade show in Los Angeles is getting a make-over — banned are the swarms of sexy, semi-clad “booth babes” that in years past took the unveiling of new games and technology to titillating new levels.

Rules prohibiting the use of scantily clad young women to peddle video games are nothing new, but the handbook for this year’s show in May outlines tough new penalties, including a $5,000 fine on the spot for the booth owner if the “booth babe” is semi-clad.

Yes, sex sells.
Yes, using scantily clad women to sell video games is pretty demeaning.
But there’s another problem. I think the video game nerds need to be protected. I can’t help thinking: isn’t using scantily clad women to sell things to nerds a bit like using cartoon characters to sell sugary cereal to children? In both cases, we’re talking about a pretty vulnerable population, who may or may not have the experience to make good decisions in the face of such pressures.

(Photo credit:G4 Videogame TV)

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