Ken Lay to Sponsor Ethics Prize

From the rumour mill: A spokesperson for Ken Lay has apparently announced that the former Chairman of Enron will donate the last of his much-diminished fortune to sponsor a business ethics essay contest for college students.

The contest will apparently invite entries in several categories, with winners in each category receiving appropriate prizes, including:

“Best Paper on Business & the Environment.” Prize: a fully tricked-out SUV.
“Best Paper on Ethical Issues in Customer Service.” Prize: a Dell laptop.
“Best Paper on Corporate Philanthrophy” Prize: a lifetime supply of Reebok running shoes.
“Best Paper on Energy Conservation.” Prize: a gift basket featuring a range of petroleum products, courtesy of Exxon
“Best Paper on Ethics & Governance.” Prize: framed, autographed copy of the Enron Code of Ethics.

So far, this rumour has not been substantiated, but some details can be found here and here.

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