Still More on Wal-Mart & Organics

When I blogged about Wal-Mart’s move into organic foods last week, I forgot to include a link to this NY Times Editorial: Editorial: When Wal-Mart Goes Organic.
Here’s a snippet:

But here are the pitfalls. Wal-Mart will now become the 800-pound gorilla among the other, slightly smaller gorillas that have tried repeatedly to weaken the Agriculture Department’s definition of what organic means. There is no chance that Wal-Mart will be buying from small, local organic farmers. Instead, its market influence will speed up the rate at which organic farming comes to resemble conventional farming in scale, mechanization, processing and transportation. For many people, this is the very antithesis of what organic should be.

I’ve said enough about this already. Andrew Potter, over at the Rebel Sell, has a nice angle on this: the organic shuffle

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