Britney Spears & Business Ethics

When I heard that Milton Friedman had died, I wondered how I’d explain the significance of this to my Business Ethics class. My first thought was to tell them that the Nobel Prize-winning economist was like the Britney Spears of economics.

But probably more accurate to paraphrase my friend Wayne’s comment about the place of John Rawls in the world of political philosophy, and say that Friedman was “as important to Economics as the Beatles were to Rock & Roll.” I just wish I was sure that all my undergrads know who the Beatles are.

It’s tempting to post something more about Friedman (whose famous article, “The Social Responsibility of Business is to Increase its Profits”, is the most widely-anthologized article in the world of business ethics.) I’ll take a few days or maybe a week to gather my thoughts before I do that.

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