Popular Business Ethics Blog Entries

Just in case you ever wondered, here are what are currently the Top 10 Most Popular Business Ethics Blog Entries (stats were collected over the first half of this month, i.e., March 1- March 15, 2007).
According to my site stats, these are the most-viewed blog entries…mostly, that means these are the ones most often sought out via Google (and other search-engine) searches. And no, listing my own top-10 isn’t entirely narcissistic…it provides a bit of a window into what sorts of business ethics topics folks out in the google-sphere is interested in.

So, here they are, starting from my most popular blog entry ever…

#1. Exploitative Videos: Bumfights & Girls Gone Wild (Why is that such a popular entry? I’ll leave that to your imagination…)
#2. Continuing Trouble at HP (presumably popular because the HP trial was in the news this week)
#3. What Causes Unethical (corporate) Behaviour? (This one’s been in my top-10 list forever. I guess people just google the causes of unethical behaviour a lot.)
#4. Disney & Sweatshops in China (This is a classic business ethics topic, and probably the topic of a gazillion ethics class assignments.)
#5. Wal-Mart’s New Policy on Shoplifting (Wal-Mart is always a popular topic. No idea why this entry is so much more popular than a dozen other times I’ve blogged about Wal-Mart.)
#6. Enron: Accepting, Without Taking, Responsibility (Again, Enron is a popular topic. But no idea why this entry is more popular than others about Enron.)
#7. McDonalds CSR Blog
#8. Pavlo on Skilling (the business ethics blog interview)
#9. Wal-Mart Movie
#10. Enron: Bad apple or poisoned orchard

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