CSRwire Remains Independent

From CSRwire — a news-service all about corporate social responsibility — here’s a story about, well, CSRwire, from a few days ago: CSRwire Remains Independent.

Recently, [Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary] Business Wire presented CSRwire with a compelling validation of their mission to raise awareness of good corporate citizenship. Business Wire presented CSRwire with an ultimatum – Provide your services through our news wire ‘exclusively’ or we will create our own CSR distribution channel.

“The fact that they were interested in an exclusive arrangement and a ‘right of first refusal’ to purchase the company certainly validated our efforts” said Joe Sibilia, President of CSRwire. However, company executives also admit that Business Wire didn’t quite understand the real mission of CSRwire. “Exclusivity is not in concert with our mission. Our mission is to further the ideals that socially responsible business practices are good for business and good for society. Consequently, we want to distribute and archive this news to and for the widest possible audience”, explains Sibilia.

Here’s Business Wire’s website. No word yet as to whether they’ve made good on the treat to start their own CSR channel.

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