“Classmates.com Lied to Me!”

Newsflash! Not everything on the internet is true!

OK, but seriously. The internet may well be pretty much the ‘wild west’ when it comes to honesty in advertising. But false claims are still false claims. Here’s a story about a man suing a prominent social networking site over false claims.

From Wired.com: Classmates.com User Sues; Schoolmates Weren’t Really Looking for Him

When Classmates.com told user Anthony Michaels last Christmas Eve that his former school chums were trying to contact him, he pulled out his wallet and upgraded to the premium membership that would let him contact long-lost fifth-grade dodge-ball buddies and see if his secret crush from high school had looked him up online.
But once he’d parted with the $15, Michaels learned the shocking truth: No one he knew was trying to contact him at all. Classmates.com’s come-on was a lie, and he’d been scammed.

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  1. Anonymous on

    I hope he wins. It might have been acceptable if they had formed the statment as a question. “Are your old chums looking for you?” I feel sorry for the guy and hpe he can get to his next reunion.

  2. Anonymous on

    I did reconnect with an old friend through Classmates.Com, so that was good. But I believe their bait-and-switch tactics and high prices for less than you get with the free sites are making them quickly obsolete.

  3. itai on

    It might be worse than that….ever since I became a gold member and paid my $15 may password doesn’t work and it appears that no human being manages their helpdesk. Everytime I send an e-mail I get an automated response that sends me in a circle…..

  4. cgrote on

    I have been trying for a year and a half to get my name off the unsolicited classmate.com postings. Their e-mail preferance & help center contacts have never worked. Is there not some governmental agency that can help? Chas.

  5. Chris MacDonald on


    That would depend what jurisdiction you live in, I would think. But most states & provinces have consumer protection agencies.


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