Happy Blogaversary! 3 Years of the Business Ethics Blog

Today is the 3rd ‘blogaversary’ of The Business Ethics Blog!

Yes, it was 3 years ago today — November 20th, 2005 — that I burst Out of the starting blocks. In the blogosphere, 3 years is a long time (I’m told the average life of a blog is about 3 months).

Over the last 36 months, I’ve made 389 blog postings (including this one). To celebrate, I thought I’d simply share with you a few of my favourites. Actually, I’m in such a jocular mood I’m just going to share what I think are my funniest blog postings. Some of these I like because the stories they’re based on are themselves funny; others I just like because of some wise-crack that amuses me. Indulge me.

Here goes (in reverse chronological order)…

(p.s. if you’re a fan of this blog and want to help keep it going, bookmark the EthicsWeb Bookstore. If you get to Amazon’s webpage via that link, this blogger gets a little referral fee for anything you buy.)

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  1. Caroline on

    I always like when you post about “inapropriate subjects”, because it makes me think about the nice chunk of the graph that will come out of it when I do your content analysis… 😉 Congrats for the 3 years mark!

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