Business, Science, and Climate Change (Redux)

Two months ago I blogged about Business Ethics and the Science of Climate Change. I asked in general how businesses should deal with scientific controversy, and used climate change as an example.

Here’s an interesting story about a businessman who, tired of being confused by the climate change issue, decided to spend some money on getting top-notch scientific input on the matter.

Here’s a print version of the story, from Scoop: Gareth Morgan delivers his climate change verdict.

If you want to get it from the horse’s mouth, check out this podcast interview, from New Zealand’s ABC National Radio’s Life Matters: Poles apart: Gareth Morgan.

Of course, Morgan’s method of getting the advice he needed isn’t generalizable. Most companies don’t have the resources, and even if they did it would be terribly inefficient for thousands of companies each to host their own conferences on the topic. I’m curious to know why Morgan thought he had to do so himself — surely there are suitable conferences going on already? More generally, though, it makes me wonder how many businesses (ones, say, who don’t already employ relevant scientists) know where to access good scientific information.

(p.s., here’s Gareth Morgan’s book: Poles Apart: The Great Climate Change Debate.)
Thanks to Mark Edwards for passing this along to me.

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  1. DarryleHuffman on

    Cliamte Change is major issue and a touchy issue with people. It is according to where you live and what you do for work is big component for the way a person feels about a subject. For example, If you were to ask someone from West Virginia about the issue they would be skeptical based on economics. West Virginia’s economy is based in large part of what is under the ground. Ask someone in Clifornia what they feel about the issue and they would be different because thier economy is not based on extracting coal from the ground. I am one who is skeptical. I have family and friends who work in the coal industry and related industries. I am also skeptical of the sceince behind it. I more inclined to the position this is a natural accurance that has happened before. The link provides a report I found on the subject.

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