Blog’s Influence Recognized, 2nd Year Running

Once again (for the 2nd year in a row) I’ve been recognized for my work on this blog by Ethisphere Magazine as one of the “100 Most Influential People in Business Ethics.”

I am humbled, but gratified to know that my blog is seen as having an impact.


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  1. Garrett on

    Congratulations Chris, you jumped from 81 to 61, way to go! I can still remember researching the seven sin industries for you. I enjoyed reading your blog then, as I do now, it’s nice to see you are getting recognition for it.


  2. elaine on

    congratulations Chris!! Well deserved. I read your blog with interest and enjoy your insights!


  3. Murat on

    congrats chris! this now makes the prize that I have earned from your contest even more valuable 🙂

    it’s always been though-provoking fun to read your posts!

    Murat Sen

  4. Jeffrey on

    Congratulations! Well-deserved.

  5. Jim Sabin on

    Hi Chris –

    Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition. As someone whose focus is on health system ethics, I’ve found your writings VERY useful and illuminating. Keep up the great work!



  6. Bob Ryan on

    Well deserved, Chris, for balanced and humble viewpoints that get us all thinking.

  7. Chris MacDonald on

    Thank you all for your kind words. The support and encouragement of folks like you is sincerely gratifying.


  8. John M on

    Hi Professor MacDonald,

    Hat tip to Mrs. M for pointing this story out on page C7 of today’s Chronicle-Herald. I’m delighted (and a little dismayed, 4 years of back posts to go through?) to discover a fellow battle-hardened blogger at St Mary’s. I’ve occasionally touched on business ethics myself, notably in this quite old effort, Moral Hazard & MBS (02 Oct 2006).

    Way back before that there was this effort to perpetrate a bit of innovation on some Phama types, not to mention a comedy of errors that went from walking off with Prof Marshall’s coat after the ’09 Hsia’s awards to haranguing Chairman MacKinnon on the possibility of applying convolution to aesthetic supervenience. So Stanley Milgram would hardly need to take off his shoe to connect the dots between me and thee 😉

    … all of which likely violates your house rule on concision and topicality, but if your patience is not yet exhausted perhaps I can offer to buy you a coffee at the new Atrium to make up for that and we could swap old war stories on the delights of blogging.

    John McLeod, Halifax

  9. Nurglitch on

    Kudos Chris!

  10. Max on

    Congratulations, Chris… I always enjoy visiting your blog and noting its contents, including the feedback.

    Maxwell Pinto, Business Author.

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