Cruise Ships & Haiti (Follow Up)

The issue of cruise ships visiting Haiti really struck a nerve last week…even made it to CNN. They interviewed me & quoted me in this story: Haiti cruise stops draw ire, support.

Those of you who recall my blog entry know that I think there was (and is) nothing unethical about cruise ships bringing tourists to the northern, non-disaster-stricken, parts of Haiti. The editors of the Globe & Mail agreed with me: Let the Cruise Ships Dock.

(And here’s another good story on the issue, from New York Times: Haiti Cruise Stops: ‘Without This, We Don’t Eat’.)

Finally, here’s an expanded version of my argument, published in The Mark: Disaster Tourism. (In this article, I also include some thoughts about the role of moral intuitions, and argue that some critics, at least, may in part be ‘projecting’ their own feelings of guilt onto the cruise-goers and cruise lines.)

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