’s New White Collar Crime Blog, by Walt Pavlo

Here’s a new blog worth checking out. Walt Pavlo is now blogging for, a blog called simply White Collar Crime.

Walt is a special sort of expert on white collar crime: he was for a couple of years better known as “Inmate Number 52071-019” in the U.S. penal system. You see, Walt did time in a federal penitentiary for his part in the multi-million-dollar MCI-Worldcom fraud. So when he writes about white-collar crime — what motivates it, what allows it, and what its punishment looks like — he writes from experience.

I first blogged about Walt Pavlo in August of 2006, soon after meeting him in person (we were both speakers at the same event for MBA students at the University of Tulsa). Then, a couple of months later, I interviewed Walt to get his unique perspective on the 24-year sentence that had just been handed down to Enron’s Jeff Skilling.

Now, not everyone wants to hear what an ex-convict has to say. Fair enough. (As Walt himself wrote in his first blog entry, Not Every Felon Is Worth Hearing From.) For my part, I’ve already blogged on why I think convicted white-collar criminals are worth listening to. So for now, all I’ll say is that in my experience, Pavlo is a thoughtful and insightful guy. I’ll be reading his blog.

Here’s a link to Pavlo’s book about his own role in the MCI fraud, Stolen Without a Gun.

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