MBA Ethics Education Roundup

Back in November I did a 4-part series on ethics education for MBA students. I thought it might be a good idea to collect all of them, plus a couple other relevant blog entries, on a single blog entry. So here they are:

And see also these earlier blog entries by me:

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  1. Kirk Emery on

    On February 15th you admitted to being content for “having some impact on the world”.

    However, I’m uneasy with the idea that teaching ethics academically to MBA students will bring them to act ethically: Does possessing ethical knowledge actually refine business practice? With a slight change of parlance, I cannot forget Hume’s statement that “tis’ not contrary to reason to prefer making piles of profit to the destruction of the entire world.”

    How do you think ethical knowledge bridges the gulf between knowledge and practice?

    • Chris MacDonald on


      Fair question, and each of the blog entries above provides part of the answer, I think. But see especially the one on excuses, and the one on why all decisions are ethics decisions. Both give some idea how knowledge can affect practice.


  2. Dan Wheeler on

    Great list. Thank you putting this together.


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