Business Ethics Blog’s 6th Blogaversary

Today is the 6-year anniversary of the day back in 2005 when I posted my first entry on the Business Ethics Blog. This is my 885th posting since then.

A lot has changed since 2005. For one, the ethics blogosphere is more crowded — or should I say, more fruitful — than it was 6 years ago. The business-ethics blogosphere now includes blogs by ethics/CSR professors like my pals Dirk Matten and Andy Crane, as well as blogs by profs from neighbouring fields, like the corporate governance blog written by my friend Richard Leblanc. It also includes journalists like Marc Gunther as well as consultants like David Connor and Elaine Cohen. And, significantly, the ethics/CSR blogosphere is now knitted together, you might say, by a vigorous multidimensional Twitter conversation.

It’s also worth noting that a number of major business publications have also joined the fray, including Forbes and Fast Company.

The other big change is that my blog is now syndicated exclusively on Canadian Business magazine (most of my blog entries can be read both here and there). Besides inspiring me to blog more consistently, being featured on CB has enlarged my audience. That’s a very good thing, I think — not just for my own sake, but for the sake of having the broadest, most inclusive conversation possible.

So, dear readers, thanks for your support over the last 6 years, and here’s to continuing the conversation for another 6!

9 comments so far

  1. Jack Marshall on

    Congratulations, Chris, on setting a high standard for all, and leading the way in a vital field.

  2. Barbara Kimmel on

    Congratulations Chris. You are one of the best! Barbara

  3. davidcoethica on

    Thanks and congratulations Chris. Always a pleasure and learning experience to read your thoughts. I look forward to the next 6 years!

  4. Jacob on

    Congratulations from Denmark as well. I will be looking forward to the years and not least the posts to come.

  5. Lalitha on

    Hearty Congrats and Happy Anniversary!

  6. Andy Crane on

    Congratulations Chris. That’s a heck of a lot of posts. Must be a couple of books worth in there. And thanks for the shout out!

  7. elaine cohen (@elainecohen) on

    HI Chris, ditto on all the congrats and here’s looking forward to the next 885 posts. I always learn something from your insights. Thanks for the mention.

  8. painting contractors in chennai on

    happy anniversary. may god bless all the needful things to u for proceeding further

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