Most Hated American Companies Of 2010

The corporate world is certainly subject to plenty of criticism, and even hatred. But which companies are hated most?

Here’s one look at that question, from 24/7 Wall St.: The Fifteen Most Hated American Companies Of 2010

Customers, employees, shareholders and taxpayers hate large corporations for many reasons. 24/7 Wall St. reviewed many of these to choose the 15 most hated companies in America.

We examined each company based on six criteria….

(Note that the title “Most Hated” actually understates the sophistication of the ranking method used here, which includes measures of employee satisfaction, media coverage, total return to shareholders, and more.)

Interestingly, several of the companies on this “most hated” list have appeared on the Business Ethics Blog before.

As you read through the whole list, it’s worth noting more generally the role that unethical (or at least ethically controversial) behaviour plays in generating hatred.

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