Dell, Ethics, and Customer Service (again)

In a world of bad customer service, how bad does your service have to be in order to get the government to sue you over it? One word: “Dell.” Here’s the story from ABC News:
Dell Hell: Computer Giant Faces Consumer Lawsuit (Consumers Allege They Didn’t Get the Tech Support They Paid For)

Dell is the No. 2 computer seller in the United States, but now some say the technology giant is ripping off its customers.
New York state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has filed a lawsuit against Dell, accusing the company of deceptive, fraudulent and illegal business practices.

Part of the suit claims that though Dell gave the impression of an “award-winning service” available to consumers “24 hours a day, seven days a week,” consumers faced “nightmarish obstacles” to get help and technical service for their computers.

I’ve blogged about Dell customer service before, and about why this IS a business ethics issue:
Business Ethics & Dell Customer Service

Dell Ethics

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